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Back in March, I was fortunate to visit my beautiful home country; El Salvador.

A country full of life, rich culture and untapped talent! During my visit, I came across the most exquisite handcrafted pieces I have ever seen and I was certain that this needed to be in my next collection! I have worked diligently and closely with local artisans to capture the essence of being in El Salvador.

I am so excited to introduce and bring you a little part of my beautiful country and these one-of-a-kind statement pieces made by the “hands” of local artisans.



El Destino

Summer Capsule


El Salvador

Summer Capsule

The story behind these pieces is KEY!

These one-of-a-kind and durable pieces are handmade from start to finish by skilled and hard-working women living in El Salvador. Established in the summer of 2016, these women strive to inspire others everyday. Not only may that be with their handcrafted designs, but embracing the beauty of making something by hand. Their goal is to create one-of-a-kind jewels that appeal to a wide variety of people; ensuring that there is something to make anyone feel beautiful. 


With your purchase from our El Destino Summer Capsule, you are contributing to creating new opportunities for women in my country.

Thank you for your kind support!