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About Rose Garden

Meet the woman behind this idea, Wendy

founder's journey

Wendy is the founder of Rose Garden and was born in Montreal, Canada, with Salvadorian origins. Wendy holds degrees in business management, finance and project management - as an entrepreneur; education is an invaluable tool to equip yourself for success.


Wendy's childhood consisted of loving and humble moments alongside her loved ones. At an early age, she witnessed her mother selling solid gold jewelry, and quickly, her passion for business awoke. To this date, Wendy is continuously striving to deliver a memorable customer experience from beginning to end. This dedication was bestowed in her as she recalls how her mother's clients felt wearing her jewelry line.


The founding name of Rose Garden resonates with Wendy's pillar of inspiration and strength: her mother and late grandmother, Rose. Over time, Wendy and both her late grandmother Rose and mother developed a strong appreciation for gardening and flower arrangements. In memory of her late grandmother and continuous support from her mother - Rose Garden was born!

Gold Earrings
Wendy Urrutia, Founder of Rose Garden Jewlery
Jewlery on hand holding flowers

OUR Brand

At Rose Garden, we hand-pick pieces for modern and hard-working women. Our collection can be worn as part of your everyday - ranging from jewelry that helps spice up your work from home apparel to special milestones & occasions.

Our commitment at Rose Garden is to provide our passionate customers with a blend of high-end fashion and affordable prices. To achieve our commitment, we pride ourselves in ensuring all our products meet high quality standards, so all our customers are satisfied. 

We are proud to provide jewelry pieces that carry high-quality Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones.

Rose Garden's jewelry is both unique and versatile, making you want to wear it day or night, with a t-shirt and jeans, or for an elegant night out. Happy shopping!

Our commitment

Rose Garden is committed to creating a culture business that celebrates diversity, inclusion and passion throughout the jewelry pieces and collections.

What we believe in...

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