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Modern Mom Edition - Mom and Fruit Designer🍈🍍

Updated: May 3


Jewelry Details : Appreciation Necklace {C$46.00 } | Paz Drop earring {C$65.00 } | Gemstone Bezel Tennis Bracelet {C$ 89.00 } | Multi Shape Bezel Tennis Bracelet {C$92.00 } | Soul Bracelet Set of2 Gift Set { On Sale C$125.00 }

This year's Mother's Day, at Rose Garden, we wanted to highlight the modern mom of today's world; the mother who does everything in today's world! Thus, for this campaign, the intent is to highlight mom entrepreneurs within our local community and to showcase their businesses/brands and craft while maneuvering other daily motherhood responsibilities. Our Founder; Wendy and the Rose Garden team were inspired by how this Boss Mom manages her everyday work associated with her brand and still manages to be a phenomenal and incredible mom!

As a mother and a Fruit arrangement artist, Jackie has a unique talent for fruit art. Jackie is the Founder and owner of Fruit Couture. Jackie’s intricate and colourful fruit sculptures have gained a large following on social media, and companies and individuals have commissioned her to create stunning displays for special events. Fruit Couture is Ottawa’s premier online gift shop that offers a great selection of fresh fruit arrangements and more for all occasions. Since 2013, Fruit Couture has delivered hundreds of new fruit arrangements within the Ottawa and Gatineau region, bringing smiles to everyone with her craft. For more information visit her business here.

What does a modern mom mean to you?

For Jackie, a Modern mom realizes that her well-being is as important as being a mom.

How do you juggle the responsibilities of being a successful entrepreneur and mother?

There is no secret that managing and delegating tasks to others is paramount to balancing responsibilities. However, for a mother of two children and trying to manage her personal life, “I made the wise decision to choose a supportive husband who believes in sharing equal responsibilities.”

What is a piece of advice you would give to aspiring entrepreneur mothers?

“There’s no better time to start than NOW! Starting a business gets your adrenaline and creativity going - a much needed outlet for today’s mothers.”

The collaboration between Fruit Couture and Rose Garden Jewelry was a natural fit, as both love creativity and innovation. As Mother’s Day approaches, Jackie and Rose Garden Jewelry have collaborated on a truly memorable Mother’s Day campaign that is sure to inspire and delight.

We have asked Jackie’s favorite jewelry piece to gift on Mother’s Day, and she informed us :

My Favorite Jewelry Piece to gift and receive for Mother’s Day is a Bracelet !

We would like to send our deepest appreciation to Jackie and her beautiful family for collaborating with us on this Mother's Day Campaign - Happy Mother's Day!


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