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Modern Mom Edition - Mom and Fashion Stylist 👗👚

Jewelry Details : Mama Beaded Bracelet {C$28.00 } | Tennis Anklet {C$ 98.00 } | Garden Earring {C$32.00 } | Soul Bangle {C$89.00 } Outfit Details : Old Navy | Suzy Shier | Dynamite

This year's Mother's Day, at Rose Garden, we wanted to highlight the modern mom of today's world; the mother who does everything in today's world! Thus, for this campaign, the intent is to highlight mom entrepreneurs within our local community and to showcase their businesses/brands and craft while maneuvering other daily motherhood responsibilities. Our Founder; Wendy and the Rose Garden team were inspired by how this Boss Mom manages her everyday work associated with her brand and still manages to be a phenomenal and incredible mom!

Mary, a mother of three children, has turned her passion for fashion into a successful career as a fashion stylist. Mary’s love for fashion started at a young age, and she always had a natural eye for putting together stylish and vibrant outfits. Coupled with her hard work and dedication, Mary has become a sought-after stylist, working with top brands and celebrities - and still able to raise and educate her children and ultimately be today’s modern mom.

What does a modern mom mean to you?

To me, a modern mom means doing everything that works for your FAMILY and YOU , unapologetic.

How do you juggle the responsibilities of being a successful entrepreneur and mother?

“The truth is that, there is never a perfect balance! The answer is '' I am dropping balls everyday'' But by getting my family involved and working together as a team, that's the only way I can juggle with everything that I do. And any mother can DO IT!

What is a piece of advice you would give to aspiring entrepreneur mothers?

“The best piece of advice I can give, from the last 15 years in this business, is to NEVER compromised who YOU ARE ! Stick to who you are. If a partnership and/or an opportunity doesn’t feel right, then do not do it. Keep your priorities and values first whether it is been a mom or been a BOSS Babe in the world, do not compromise yourself and stay true to you.”

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Mary and Rose Garden have joined forces to create a unique campaign where we are celebrating Modern Mothers. In this campaign, we have asked Mary’s favourite jewelry piece to gift on Mother’s Day, which will undoubtedly swoon over today’s modern mom.

Mary's Favorite Jewelry Piece to gift and to receive for Mother's Day is a : NECKLACE !

Because, I find, you can get most sentimental with a necklace.

Rose Garden Jewelry offers a range of trendy necklace designs ranging from charm necklaces, cute chain necklaces, pendants and lariats available in gold and silver plated. Coin pendants, Evil Eye pendants and our cute chain necklaces are just a few accents on our trendy jewelry necklaces. You can layer a choker with a pendant necklace or a dainty necklace for a modern vibe.

We would like to send our deepest appreciation to Mary and her daughter for collaborating with us on this Mother’s Day Campaign - Happy Mother's Day!


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